Nowadays, it has become a standard. But the stress, tension and fatigue that this brings is certainly not good for you. Using a massager in the right way at home can change the way you feel every day, from the first to the last video call.

Calls, Inbox, Always on the PC, for some, the children in DAD.
In this case, percussion therapy is an effective and natural way to recover energy and relax the mind and body.



Quickly use the MINI X over the trapezes, palms, quadriceps, hamstrings and feet for 10 seconds each for a great wake up and increase blood flow. Combine yourself with some arm stretching exercises and you are ready to go.




It takes some sun and a breath of fresh air, from time to time, a break can be more productive than an hour of work at times.
Upon returning, use MINI X for 15-30 seconds on your pecs, trapezes and forearms to release tension in the muscle groups that pull your head and shoulders forward while staring at your PC for hours.



Treating tense spots after a day of work, at home or in the office, helps your nerves and muscles, giving you lightness and relaxation, and improving sleep at night. With little pressure and the ROUND HEAD, use MINI X slowly on the trapezius, deltoids, palms and lumbar area of the back for 30-45 seconds each.

 You will be so ready and energetic for the next day, you will be lighter at work and energetic on the weekend.