Massage Gun: How to use it? And why you need one?

Massage Gun: How to use it? And why you need one?


⬆️ What is a Booster Massage Gun — and why should I use one?

The Booster products are powerful and silent massage devices, used to increase blood flow, to relieve pain and contractures, to prevent tearing and give more strength to the recovery and relaxation of the muscles with a targeted massage, which through percussion strengthens the tissues deep.

Why use our massagers? First, they are a Natural alternative to harmful chemical drugs, supplements or stimulants. It also allows you to really recover. with the routines combined with these devices your training yields at least 20% more on your results. finally the relief. You are sure to give your best, without thinking about contractures, pains or tears.

Not just for athletes. We have devices suitable to help people find lasting relief from the tiredness and fatigue of the busy life we have every day. From the treatment of knots and muscle pain or simple relaxation. We have everything you need.

⬆️ How does Booster Guns work?

Our Massage Guns work with percussion therapy (not to be confused with vibratory therapy). The massage is aimed at the deep tissues of the muscular textures, combining a specifically designed Force, at the necessary frequency according to the area to be treated.

Our Best devices reach 12-16mm in depth (60% more than other massage guns) increasing circulation, perfecting the muscle giving it the ability to regenerate for optimal recovery for training, or for the release of stress, contractures and post-work pain.

Each device touches your body up to 50 times per second! the frequencies distract the brain from pain and give real long-term benefits, providing the right support for the body's regeneration.

Percussion therapy has many benefits, including tissue hydration, dissolving lactic acid, increasing blood flow, and eliminating muscle pain and contractures.

⬆️ How often should I use my Massage Gun?

Before training, use the massage gun for up to 30 seconds to activate circulation and muscles well.

In Training
Reactivate your muscles even while exercising, in breaks or in recovery. Use your massage gun for 10-15 seconds on the muscle group that affects your workout. This will reduce fatigue and muscle spasms, and you will also have new energy to use to maintain a good performance, with the muscles always active.

Recovery and Cool Down
Use your massage gun for about 2 minutes on the muscle groups used during the workout. this will help you reduce pain on all muscles, dissolve contractions and lactic acid, also give you immediate pain relief.


⬆️ Quick Guide to Using a Booster Gun

After a hard workout or a long and tiring day at the office, what is needed to relieve pain and contractions is undoubtedly a percussion massage, regenerating and restoring.

Before you start, set the speed that's right for you, or let the AI ​​do it (found inside almost every Booster massager!)

Now, rest the massage gun on your body, without applying pressure. in this moment it is very important to caress the muscles, to have real relief.

Use the massage gun on the desired points, and move along the parts slowly. If you discover a knot or area of ​​contracture or tension, move around that spot for a while.

You can apply gentle pressure to these points to release tension and loosen the muscle well.

Now you can relax. here we recommend the use of AI, so the gun will work automatically. it will adapt to the part and feel the points of tension. Breathe, Relax.

⬆️ What Booster Gun is right for you?

We have a good selection of booster guns, designed to find the perfect solution for you. Let's see which one can do for you!

Booster PRO 3: The perfect power for Professional Athletes. A device designed for professional-grade stress and durability. PRO 3 is guaranteed for 18 months, while the latest generation engine is guaranteed for 5 YEARS. battery life for 6 Hours of continuous use, typically 15 days on average use.

Booster M2: for those who want a multifunctional treatment, from recovery to post workout relaxation. More oriented to use for amateur or semi-professional training. A powerful deep muscle treatment with a device equipped with an AI capable of detecting the most critical points and adapting the strength according to the various muscle groups. Guaranteed 18 months, with a battery life of 5 hours in continuous use.

Booster LS: for those who want a softer and simpler therapy. The most suitable for Relaxation and dissolution of contractures and alleviation of tension pain. It has various speeds, as well as automatic and intelligent AI, to adapt everything to your needs. From caress to performance (necessary for contractures due to light training or a heavy day). Guaranteed 18 months, 4 hours battery life.

Booster Mini X: Pocket-sized, to go anywhere. Compact but powerful, it is the most agile device of our choices.Perfect for use outside the home, suitable for routine and recovery, or a simple relaxation in the office or meditating in a park. Guaranteed 18 months, Battery life 3 hours.

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